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Safeguard Your Reputation: How Akira Mitigates Legal Risks for Chain Restaurants

Guest feedback can be a goldmine of information for your business, but it can also be a potential minefield of legal risks. By understanding and implementing a few essential strategies, you can navigate these waters skillfully, ensuring that you're always in compliance with legal standards.

The Akira Team
2 min May 30, 2023

Online reviews are a double-edged sword for restaurants. Positive reviews can boost your business, while negative ones can damage your reputation and even lead to lawsuits. For large chains with multiple locations, managing online reviews can feel like a minefield.

Here's how Akira can help your chain restaurant navigate the online review landscape and minimize legal risks:

Early Warning System for Potential Lawsuits

Not all negative reviews are created equal. Some pose a greater risk than others. Akira's AI-powered risk management goes beyond sentiment analysis. We can be configured to flag reviews containing keywords and phrases associated with potential lawsuits, such as food poisoning or slip and fall. This allows you to identify and address these high-risk reviews promptly, before they escalate into bigger problems.

Protect Your Brand from Defamation

False or misleading online reviews can damage your brand reputation. While legal action should be a last resort, Akira can help you gather evidence for potential defamation cases. Our platform allows you to document the review, along with any communication with the customer. This documentation can be invaluable if you need to consult with a lawyer.

Maintain Professional Communication in the Face of Upset Customers

Angry customers may take to online platforms to vent their frustration. Responding to it promptly and professionally can significantly mitigate any potential legal risks. Akira can help you develop a communication strategy for responding to negative reviews, ensuring you stay professional and avoid saying anything that could be used against you in court.

Our pre-built templates can be customized to address common concerns while maintaining a neutral and apologetic tone. When crafting your response, avoid making any statements that could be perceived as defamatory or libelous. Stick to the facts and refrain from using emotionally charged language. Aim to resolve the issue rather than escalate it. For example:

Example: “Dear [Customer], thank you for sharing your experience. We're sorry to hear that your visit did not meet your expectations. We take all feedback seriously and would like to resolve this issue. Please contact our customer support at [email] so we can discuss this further and find a satisfactory solution.”

Handling negative feedback effectively can turn a dissatisfied customer into a loyal one, and also display to potential customers that you are committed to high standards of service.

Ensuring you're leveraging a reputation management platform that can help bring the conversation offline is equally as important.

Focus on Offline Resolution

Lawsuits are expensive and time-consuming. Akira can help you take the conversation offline, where it can be handled more discreetly. Our platform facilitates private messaging with customers, allowing you to gather more information, apologize for their experience, and offer solutions to rectify the situation.

Protect Yourself from Fake Reviews

While positive fake reviews can inflate your rating artificially, negative ones can be even more damaging. Akira can help you flag suspicious reviews for manual review. We analyze factors like review history, consistency of language, and location to identify potentially fake reviews that could be skewing your online reputation.

Remember, Akira is not a substitute for legal advice. If you see a post that raises serious legal concerns, it's best to consult with a lawyer to determine the best course of action.

By using Akira's comprehensive risk management tools, you can navigate the online review landscape with confidence. Protect your brand reputation, minimize legal risks, and focus on delivering exceptional customer service across your entire chain.

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