Job posting

Ruby on Rails Intern

Akira is looking for a passionate Ruby on Rails Intern to join our dynamic team.

This internship opportunity is perfect for aspiring developers who want to gain hands-on experience in a fast-paced, innovative environment. You will work closely with our experienced developers and gain valuable skills in building and maintaining web applications.

You'll be expected to:

  • Assist our development team in building and maintaining our web applications using Ruby on Rails.
  • Collaborate with experienced developers to learn best practices in software development, code review, and testing.
  • Participate in coding projects, bug fixes, and feature implementations.
  • Contribute to the improvement of our codebase and development processes.
  • Attend team meetings and learn about agile software development methodologies.

Some real examples of projects you would have worked on in the last few months:

  • Write unit tests that ensure the quality and reliability of our application.
  • Update the primary and secondary button styles to reflect our new branding and name change.
  • Update mailer templates to include new fields, language or design elements as per the specifications.

After you start, you’d work on upcoming projects like:

  • Add sorting capabilities to our config so that users may define default sort orders for their drop downs.
  • Plan and develop additional filters so that feedback and reviews are easier to search/query against.
  • Update our comment boxes to allow users to upload files using our permissable list of extensions.

This is a fully remote, 4-month position with a salary of $20/hour CAD, open to candidates in the Eastern (UTC-5) to Pacific (UTC-8) timezones.